Riding with a dragonfly

Notes: one bottle an hour seems to be my drinking amount, on a not too hot day. One granola bar an hour too maybe. Not sure on if I need that much. The Kashi chewy bars are good. The crunchy ones are like eating wood. Way too hard for my lack of teeth.

Observations on my first 20 mile ride. On a Sunday, there are just too many people out on the trail to say high to every one of them. You get tired doing it. But, i will try to do it for most. I did pull out my earbuds, and just let the iphone play the music. I think it surprised people, but it allowed me to listen to my music and hear people, much better.

I rode north on the trail to the end. If i want to do a longer ride, I’ll have to either park further south, or just keep rolling past this parking area, and loop back. This parking place has a portapotty, and a picnic table shouldI want to bring a meal with me.

Something that i have always noticed, but really never have put into words, or even thought about much. A dragonfly flies up to you, and flies at your speed for a bit, then just zooms off. What is it thinking when it does that? I know it has no brains to think, so is it a predator defense mechanism? Hmmmm

I need to take off my grunged up lizard skin wraps on my barends, and wrap them with the green tape i just took off my Gianni. And then i need to see if the old brake levers can work with the V-brakes. Oh, and see if i can raise my stem.

Maybe i will even write about my two day birthday celebration later today. The TV just came on, and already i feel my blood pressure going up.

Things that make you say “huh” on a Sunday.

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