Rides are just rides

This week i did rides both days, both at Pachaug. Good rides, not long ones but rather pleasant ones. Froze my toes off today. I should try to retrofit the old toe covers, or design my own, quickly. Last weeknwas airline cuz i needed to do something flat and not too hard. Week before that i think i did just airline, week before that did two pachaugs, think i blogged that weekend.
 Pretty sure i will be able to ride one day next weekend. It has been effortless. The desire to ride has been strong, the desire to stay home not so much. Yeah even with the holidays i think i can do weekly rides until it snows, and then get in a ride a month until it is no snow. I will ride the forest until the bugs onslaught. Then do airline faster this year. Get some muscles and lungs again.
 Plans… They can dissolve with a wisp
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