riding for sanity

Finally rode yesterday, Pachaug. Icy stretches the further into the forest I got. I rode a lot of gutter crunches. a couple times I thought the tire track was clear, then no sound from the tires. Ice. Clear Ice. Steer straight, no sudden moves like unclipping, and just let momentum carry me. I remember well. Other times when dabbing over a stretch, the rear wheel would start to slip out. glad that I was one footed then. But overall a wonderful ride. no pressure to ride hard, no need.

I did rip my jeans, forgot that the last time I rode with them, I said to myself to get a leg cuff. did I remember? yeah, but I said aaaa no problem. Now I have a ripped leg. Wonderful. I will patch somehow and use them just for riding. no more wear to work on jeans day.

Headed out in about an hour. do another short ride to start the year right.

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