riding in December

I’ve not ridden since that weekend in October. But was finally able to do one today, seeing how it was 50 degrees out and not raining. Took the raleigh to give it a good run. Brake lever is loose. Brakes barely stop me, means new pads. and adjustments. Cannot hit the top chainring. Seatpost needs to be higher and I need to mark it to see if it is slipping. Need to get a tool kit done up for it. and a pump of some sort. Bars are too narrow, and need to bring the hoods up. 

but I needed that ride. I did perhaps 8 miles. my brain so much needed the release. I can’t usually get in a ride on weekends anymore, have to spend one day taking care of mom so that day is blown. the other day I need to take care of my needs, or go visit the baby. Like a good grammie. 

Man, did I need that ride.

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