riding in the sping

it has been raining often this spring. the days it is not raining, i have something to do. so my rides have not been as often as i would want. but i ride. went to NH hoping to get a couple in, mud season. did one on the one nice day. when the description says moderate incline, well, in NH it must mean something different than here. i could barely get going on that moderate incline. went one and half mile up, and was knackered. also it was late in day and once that sun goes over mountain… but i saw places i will ride once it warms and dries up a bit.
 still riding pachaug. pushed it farther today and will do the longer distance every day, further and further til the bugs 🐜 bloom.
 i am i think going to ride into work one day this week. maybe wednesday. we see.
 and if i do, i will maybe get hooked and need a road rider. yup
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