Riding when it is hard

I did a ride yesterday that was weird. It was so much harder to ride than only a month ago. Has this lingering cold sapped me? Did i get that out of shape, and the Jan. 31st ride just a fluke? It was hard to pedal, even on the downhill-ish ride back. So weird. It was not that cold out, and i kept my mouth covered so i was not getting in the cold air to scrape my throat raw. I am hoping to really ride much more this year, even doing some road riding. Yeah.. Get the gianni back into service

I bought a shim for raleigh’s hbars. And i put the bio-pace crank back on so i can have the big ring. If i cant handle the biopace, i will seek out chainrings to replace them I don t think they were any uncommon size. The only remaining problem i will have is the brake problem. And that will be hard to overcome.

I am really looking at buying either a gravel bike like the specialized dolce evo, or a stright up touring bike/frame. Maybe a velo orange frame. We will see what my finances are.

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