short rides

Once in a while, a short ride is infinitely better than no ride. Especially when you have not ridden in afew weeks. I was able to get in a ride before the storm. It felt good to overcome my desire to just give up because of maybe weather. 

I think i am going to change out the saddle. This cheapo is starting to be a pain. Since the seatpost is same size as my gianni, i may try that seat. A bit more cushion for the pushin.

The new grips are still sliding around. That will be solved in the morning before i ride again. I am going to try for a solid long ride. Maybe even double digits. Yeah right. But i need to up my game in riding. I need to drop weight. I am not confortable anymore at this level. I lost some when i was sick last month, and a pound or two more last week when i was sick again. I just wish i wasn’t getting sick all the time. My immune system has been not doing its job lately.

The dream of doing a tour is still in my head. The dream of my own bike business of some sort is still in my heart. I will start something this year.

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