Sometimes i forget

Forget that i have this blog too. 

Cape riding was minimal. Way too much traffic on roads and the cape rail trail was really populated. I did one short ride to coast guard beach. Nice, rolling. I forget about hills, even rollers, now that i am a creature of rail trails. 

Rode today. Feel it in of all places, my upper arms. I rode one time after i got back from cape, and not in two weeks or more before today. Just cant after work now, and weekends are so full it is hard. But today i got in a shortermone, being a holiday weekend, and a beaut. No parking spots in my usual start, so had to shorten and go to my old spot. It be ok. Did maybe only 8-9 miles. Like used to. I wrote over on taking a break. I know i wont get a ride to orrow. So not until next weekend. And i will get going earlier. And maybe do a bit longer. I do need to go to the gym more regular. A waste of my money if i dont. Money that could be used to oh, buy food maybe? Yeah.

Going to get that damned raleigh on the road. Real soon. Just a matter of getting the brakes done, and tires on it. They be coming in and some new tape and maybe i ride it next weekend. See if it is a bit easier on my bones than the trek. We see.

Chocolate milk is so soothing

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