sorta good day

No, no significant work got done. But i did 10 miles for the ride, and felt good. Glad i got it going before it got tooooo hot. It was up there today. I think i like riding earlier, not as many people out, but still there are people out on that trail it is so damned cool.

So I have some bike togs coming in, finally getting a couple of shirts so that i can maybe dump one bag from the bike. But i liked riding today. And tomorrow i am going to get up even earlier, and try to push it out to 15 miles. Then i can aim for 20 on some day soon. Like mybe sunday. Early. Just wish it could be ridden on a zippy dodah bike. But, i at least have a bike. May try to get the old gianni road worthy, and see how that feels. Who knows… It may be jut fine. We’ll see. The motta with clinchers. Uggggh

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