Summer is here

Two days this week it was just too hot to ride. I know i have to get over that. Acclimate to the heat. Gradually. I did airline last week and the leaves are already being chewed. Ugggh. I have been slathering on the bug juice to deter the deerflies in Pachaug. So far no bites, and they are not catching up to me. The rides have been good. The forest is so much better than airline. The up and down and shifting is so much nicer than the steady closed in trail. But if the deerflies train and start to bite, i have no choice. I’m going to try to do a group ride wednesday, been trying the past few weeks but life gets in the way. Maybe a group will find me a riding partner. And up my mileage. We see. Im doing 10-12 now and it is not stressing me. I have to find a way to up it to closer to 15.

And i need to save for a road bike.

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