Sunday can be OK too

Finally rode the Gianni. The first few pedals and feet were wobbly, but soon I got rolling. Every thing seems smaller than I remember. there are some things i have to change, but i think i am going to like this return to steel. Did not go longer or faster, perhaps because I have been off the big for a week? or more? hmmm don’t even remember. But I am proud of myself that I got my ass out of bed and rode. Should have been earlier, but I am so damned tired in the morning lately. why? oh, nothing stressful. ha

dad is still in hospital. have to decide on a rehab for him tomorrow. then see how long it takes before they kick him out. he might last a few days longer. we’ll see.

meantime i will stay here and do some work i hope, and ride. i’ve lost more weight this past week of hell. and the above article link is what i need all in one place, to remember to do.

the goal remains. ride a tour for my 60th birthday. in maine. camping. yep.

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