sunday sunday and it’s nice

I went down to prep the bike last night, for my ride this morning. Have to get that odometer dialed in again, screwed it up last Sunday. I look over at my road bike. Flat front. If the wheels were clinchers, not a problem. Patch it up. But these are tubulars. And the front tire is really old. To patch a tubular, it is do-able, but not easy or quick. My spare is even in worse condition. And the glue is at home. Thus the need to change Gianni over to clinchers. I bought the wheels earlier this week, and I am glad I did that. Now I have to get a freewheel and some tires for them. I hope I can do that before the wheels get delivered. It would be sweet. But until then, I will pump the tire up and see if it deflates fast. It means no ride of the zippy until that is taken care of. So as planned I will ride the MTB today, and enjoy a nice day. Tomorrow I will just have to see what happens with the gianni tire. damn. I really want to keep riding the tubulars, they give such a nice feel to the road. a direct connection. it is what it is.

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  1. I really enjoy reading someone talk about something they are so expert with, with enthusiasm, though I don’t know half of what they’re talking about. Seriously. Like visiting another country.

    This is a cool blog.

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