The Rebuild: Crankset

I am going to rebuild my ’87 Raleigh Seneca Mountain Tour over the winter. And I am going to make video of the entire thing. Mostly using my old FlipCam, and it’s software for making quick videos. Once I get into the more complex stuff, I may have to move over to iMovie to edit. And as soon as I have the money, I’ll move them all to Vimeo on a pro account. But for now. the first installment of “THE REBUILD” (insert adventurous music)

2 thoughts on “The Rebuild: Crankset

  1. Hi, Since the bcd is the same, why didn’t you just change the chainrings, was the crankset cheaper?

    Will you please tell me what the blue graphics say on the top tube and downtube, and the white lettering on the chainstay? I’ve come across what seems to be a factory rebadged Seneca, and I’m trying to compare them. From what I’ve been able to gather, 80’s Raleighs were made in Japan by Bridgestone, so I’m thinking this other bike was a factory-order rebadge by another ‘manufacturer’.

    Both bikes share the slanted double-stripe graphic, spare spoke braze-on mounts, and most telling…the salmon paint job.


    1. the new crankset was cheaper. for unknown reasons, chainrings are expensive!
      The white lettering on the chainstay says main tubes triple butted
      the blue graphics on top tube says Seneca and on the downtube it says Raleigh MOuntain Tour. I’ll post some pics of these soon. GOt sidetracked with a lack of money for the rebuild

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