those days when you don’t want to ride

yesterday I got up early to a mistiness that was not appealing. ZI figured it would be chilly as well. so I rolled over. Had to go look at bike racks for the car later in day, Jed needed to go shopping, so I figured the chances of me getting in a ride were nil. good. but I got home around 4, figured I’d lie back til jed had to go to work. but no, there was enough daylight left to get in a ride, so I packed bike and gear and took off for trail On the way there, I was feeling really tired and sleepy. Thought I might just put in a short ride of 5 miles. Once I got on the trail I rode easy. it was a good feeling. I still played it cautious cuz I did not have headlight and was not sure what time Jed had to go in, so I cut it at the bottom of leonards bridge road. Made it back to car in good time, before it went dark. I think I can squeeze in a ride tomorrow after work if i change at work and go right there. it felt good, put a smile on my face and made me happy happy. yeah, the elbow is really bad now, the tingling is bad in my hand, and I must have done something to my shoulder too before I rode, and it is acting up now. But I rode. I did not think I would. 

today i have mom things to do, so probably no ride, it will be raining and most certainly dark by the time I get back. we try for a few rides this week. yeah.

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