time to revamp the riding schedule


I am going to be coming back home more often. So I have to re-think riding. Not a very good riding atmosphere around these hick parts where I live. I’ll try though. Right now though, I will do a ride when I go to Granby, before I go to the house. I get caught up in too much when I am there. So that means lots of MTB riding on the trails, in the afternoon. Fine by me. I hope to get back up to Granby tonight, and ride in the morning.

I was able to get a new saddle for zippy. It is from planet bike and although I wanted to get a new Serfas Rx woman’s saddle, this one is as wide and split down the middle, that is very comfortable on the Serfas, that split. Relives the pressure on the real sensitive parts if ya know what I mean. No chafing, which had already occurred on the motta saddle I had. The PB seat is cushy, we’ll see if it is too cushy. What a battle though, to get the old saddle off. I don’t have that old seat post wrench, and the offset needed to get the bolts loose was tough. The new seat has shorter sides, so I can get the wrench in that way. I am going to have to do some cleaning internally on that bike, once it comes off the road. Next month maybe. 

Next up is to plan training for the big ride next July. I have to see when there are some century rides in the spring for me to try out the legs. I am thinking of joining the League again. See what happens. Get involved again. Yup, just joined it and that I think was a waste of 40 bucks that could have been invested in my new wheels for motta. oh well. so be it. Next is to join a local club, but where? hmmm

time to get working. ain’t gonna pay for none of this by slacking off

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