too lazy? or just wanting some downtime?

I had planned to get up early, put the bike on the rack, and head to granby, not to parents house, but to the bike trail. To test out the set up on the old race bike. I rolled over at 6 and said fuck it. I rolled over at 7 and agreed with my previous statement. It is going to be a hot one, humid as all get out. My bones ache big time. Fingers, shoulders especially. and I think I want to clean up this house here, Mike is not the best at this, and I’ve been gone since May. It’s dusty and furry. Is that enough of good excuses to not ride today? Maybe.

And maybe I will just do some work? Yeah, that might be good. Except that my keyboard for the macbook is too high on this desk, the external keyboard is in Simsbury, and I have no motivation. ugh this sucks. Well, I think I can muster up some thoughts and ideas. maybe.

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