trying to figure out how to write and ride


When I am out riding, what do I think about now that I have conquered the “race” brain? Well, mainly things to write about. And how that leaf blew across the lane like a chipmunk running. Or how the wonderful shaded path is not so wonderful when it is chilly. That the sunny sections are going to be welcomed heartily more and more the further into the autumn. Things like how I should find a way to remind myself to open the package of stinger chews, or the energy bar, so that I don’t have to stop riding to open. Or how this morning there were so many people walking, and not many families riding. And I have given up trying to say good morning to everyone. Some people just need their space un-invaded when walking or running. How I have seen almost a full season of the trees on the path. The leaves and pine needles on the ground were getting to be more noticeable, especially since we had a heavy rain last night. That I really am going to need to get myself either some leg warmers, or some tights. I remember the wool/poly ones I used to have, when I was back racing. They were essential for comfort. Wish I had not tossed them with my other old bike stuff. I think that I seriously thought I would never ride again. hrrumph.

One thought on “trying to figure out how to write and ride

  1. I love this blog.
    I love the observations, a leaf blown, a season passed.
    I love the techie stuff that I don’t all understand yet.

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