two for one

yeah, i did two rides last weekend. and did a hike too. I just wish I could ride during the week. sigh. if it is nice enough next thursday, I will try to ride, with lights and see if I can conquer the trail. I am headed out today. sick in bed all day yesterday, and it killed me, it was such a nice day. but climate change is a chinese conspiracy. yeah right. I don’t remember a November where there are still leaves on trees this late and it is ride with a jacket warm during the day. I will take it though. 

Got the hood for my rain jacket, and that should help me ride all winter. now to get some decent riding gloves. with touch. the leather seat is nice looking and rides decently. I will get to a point I hope where I don’t notice it. yeah, like my dentures. Oh and the traffic noise outside my home of 29 years. I will get used to it. 

might need to trade out my tires again, the dry sidewalls are beginning to scrape off, and that is not safe.

Off I go soon… might try to do distance at airline. easier after a nasty sick day like yesterday.

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