my riding has gotten slimmer, mainly cuz it is boring on the trail. But i will continue. The tour was a bit more excitng yesterday. And as i have been saying to no one, froome is as big of a whiner as le mond. Oooohhh he attacked when i had a mechanical. Oh they say nasty things to me when riding. Oh they threw piss on me. Oh my main help,was punched. Sounds just like lil greggie. And he is at the tour also, whining. Oh they seem like they have motors in the bikes. Yeah, he was right about lance, but he is such a whiner still. I think froome might out whine him though. Today is the last day to do anything, and i surely hope that quintana can take that 2:38 out of that crybaby and knock that yellow off his shoulders. Then we will really see the le mond come out of froome.

I wont ride today, it is a beautiful day as was yesterday. But i did nit ride, i wanted to just do nothing. Tomorrow i wont ride until late, but i will ride. Even if it means riding slathered in bug spray.

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