upon a time, when i could hear my heart beat

just got in from my ride. i was feeling real good. a bit faster today, and smoother. it’s all mental. Did 10 miles, and not many people out. could be those sprinkles when I started, or the ominous black clouds on the horizon. I did notice it get warmer after I was over Rt 20, south of it. and on the way back, felt cooler when I crossed it going back. A perfect temp for riding, although a bit humid. Had conversations, brief ones, with a few chipmunks, a squirrel and a decent sized rabbit. Probably the best conversations I will have all day long. They at least understand.

So I feel all wonderful and bright and chipper, so I will go take my shower, and figure out if I want to go back home and get mom’s computer, or go to the “office” and try to do some work. Or whatever. I really do not care today. It’s the day before my birthday. joy.

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