Video memories

I am spending the night watching a video from a guy who rode Baja Divide. Really cool upbeat dude. Really stuff when riding that I can totally relate to. At one point he is riding and he says he can’t stop smiling. When I was doing the round the road around schoodic pennisula, I could not stop smiling. The ride, the air, the feel of my tires, everything made me smile. matter of fact, that whole week I was there, even with the rain, I was smiling. I cannot wait until I am back there this year. going to do the same campground, but this time explore north into the maine woods. way up north. yeah.

It has been too friggin cold to ride, since christmas. I wanted to ride new years eve, and day, but temps in the single digits and teens makes me just stay inside. I will ride this weekend, snow will be gone and it may be up to 30. Miss the feel.

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