warm day but no ride

It was warm out yesterday and today. but things did not work out for me doing a ride. Rain intermittently. and now, a cold front moving in. So, it will be the weekend before I can see clear to get a ride in, unless I don’t have to wait for things. My life lately has been nothing but waiting for things. I want it to be about DOING things. Like a ride, even if only for an hour.

One thought on “warm day but no ride

  1. I’m sorry you missed your ride. It would’ve done a world of good. Can you just get out and walk to a quiet place for a bit? No errand. No task. No purpose. Just away.
    Bundle up and good umbrella so your congestion doesn’t get any worse.

    Soon. Sooner. This will end.
    And your world will have so many colors. And so much time to create.

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