what? I come home and it rains AGAIN?

Last week when I came home for my birthday, it rained all day. I came home last night, hoping for a nice day today, so I could maybe do a bit of yard work that Mike seems to be allergic to doing, and work on my road bike, and maybe even get in a test ride on it. It’s raining. I should have known, last night all joints were aching, and my fingers especially. Like little pins stuck into them, in every joint. uggh.

Well I did get the tires glued on, the smaller inner chainring put in, and then the handlebar tape done up. Looks sharp with white tape. Think I will keep the white tape. Bought some red tape, but really liking the white. I have a wobble in the rear wheel, needs some truing, so I will attempt that today. I had no problem gluing the tires or taping the bars, some things never leave you.

But now I want to take it out and give it a whirl. damned rain.


Things left to do on this steed if it rides good, and I like it (no doubt that I will):

  1. new wheels, clinchers. If I win this set on ebay, they will be perfect. Mavic rims, bontrager hubs. I’ll have to get tires too for this set-up
  2. new gearing, give it some longer legs for those uphills I so dearly love. I think the super record can handle a 28 tooth with the 39 front ring. I hope.
  3. Seat tube sanding and painting. The paint started chipping after only a few months. Must be the chroming, they did not prep it well. or whatever.
  4. new women specific seat
  5. pedals that will match the MTB pedals, so I can use those shoes, instead of the toe crunching brancales.
  6. new seat bag. Looking for an andean print, or as last resort, italian colors. I had a bag that was great, but I have misplaced it here in the chaos.
  7. a pump. probably go with a CO2 cart one. Faster, easier.
  8. ummmm maybe some sort of speakers for my music? :)

oh yes, I cannot wait to get this pup on the road. Tomorrow morning I will put it on the rack, and head to the trail up in granby. yup. yup. I may even stop in to see the units… nope I need a full break from them.

ahh but I do need to grab that computer and set it up back here.

damn… my keyboard is wearing out on this macbook. The “e” looks like it is about to wear through.

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