what makes us stronger

getting over the initial fear of running into a chuckhole or off the trail cuz could not see… got past that. Riding back on the trail Wednesday was refreshing. I must have rode extra fast on the way out, cuz I sure took it cautiously in the dark on the way back. Could not see anything but the road. and two cyclists blinking lights. I had to stop for one cuz it was really blinding me. I raised my light up a bit to see more road, and it seemed to calm me. The smells, the air of the last half was so exhilarating. it had me smiling. I will ride after work tonight, we have team huddle at golf course, and that is on the road to trail. change there and get on the trail sooner. I will take a second light cuz if my first one goes dead… hate to have to walk back. I have all weekend to ride as well, might try a long one and also a longer road ride. we shall see, what happens. 

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