when you don’t expect it

A good ride happens. Got my 10 in today and then to Lebanon farmers market. Beltane was there, so I bought some chèvre, wasabi! mmmmm good. also some goat feta, an herb bread, not as sweet as my recipe, more for sandwiches, and a nice juicy ripe tomato. I sit here eating a tomato and chèvre sandwich, writing about my ride.

no owl. but three types of butterflies, and a deer down in the lowland. no rabbit. nice people, not too crowded like last week. not buggy buggy. I felt good and happy. Just did ten cuz I wanted to make it to market before they closed. I could have gone longer, 15 or even more. Tomorrow I may not be able to ride. that is OK.

One problem I have been having more and more, is elbow pain. I think I have a solution, raising my bars, but that means buying a piece of hardware. we shall see.

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