who needs caffeine when you have a tailwind?

ahh yes. tailwinds. I was zipping along quite nicely, figured I’d do a half hour out and half hour back in. Felt real good, fast and smooth. Except for that woman on the “townie” bike that zipped past me, I was in a good frame of mind. I extended that time a bit. Made the turn, and smack smack smack. I had wind in my face. yup demon wind. So I figured the ride back would be a test. I could do nothing about it, so, I pedaled. Took about 5 minutes longer to come back, but that is ok. It was really really sticky icky humid too. Not too hot, only around 75, but the humidity made me want to just stop. I took the helmet off on the return, just could not stand it anymore. It’s supposed to get dry tomorrow, so that will be good for the long ride. 

Last night I realized that on the trails, I don’t get a burn in the legs. Like I would if I had to climb a wee hill even. So while I am looking forward to my Sunday low and slow day on the MTB, I may take that puppy out on the road and find some routes that are good for zippy. At least until I get lower gears on it. I need to push that heart rate up a bit. And make the quads feel something.

At the parking area entrance to the trail, they put up this little guy sometime since Monday. Cute.

IMG 1399

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