whoa down you scoot too fast, ya gotta make the riding last!

Oh yeah, I sometimes have problems coming up with catchy subject lines.

Warm day, great for riding, except I did not hydrate enough before the ride, and finished my 22oz bottle just as I finished my 10 miles. I think it is more than 10 though, but whatever. I got a late start, but I did get the ride in. I went by no one who was riding, and no one went by me. A few riders out, all adults of course, kids are in school already and it’s a weekday. I went by too many people though, who were not smiling, and who did not greet me back. Must be that they watched some political crap last night? who knows. I even had a walker put his head down when I went by him. Sad. A whole bunch of not happy people, all wrapped up in their lives. They do not accept that their life will end someday, and it may be soon, or it may be painfully later. But it will end. It’s time to stop the frowns and enjoy the day that god has presented you, a chance to be on the bike in the middle of the day, is something that many people want, but can’t do. You are the lucky one, no matter what crap you see as weighing you down.

oh, the ride? yeah, I knew that I would not want to ride the MTB again, once I got Gianni on the rode. and that is the case for sure. except that Gianni needs a more woman friendly seat. That is going to be taken off the MTB, hopefully before my next ride, on sunday. Or I may just reserve Sundays for the MTB, slow and long. With all my frills on the bike. yeah, aging hippy stuff. 

Now off to do the rest of the long day.

One thought on “whoa down you scoot too fast, ya gotta make the riding last!

  1. Very nice theme! You are flying, woman.
    So very cool to read.
    This is a push push push weekend for me. Enough browsing around. Down to it now.
    Bike ride to library earlier. Plus checked out my first e-book to my iPad.
    It’s all good.

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