I think that is a word

my ride tonight after 4 days off was just that. yeah, still have pain in the elbow. but I did my 10. A few people out. saw a hen turkey and two not so small chicks. then at end of ride, a deer was looking down the trail at the end where I park. think it was a buck cuz saw no other deer, he did not come on trail but rather went back the way he came. big. it was far off and deer don’t see well, so he probably only saw some sort of motion. did not raise his flag either. cool

I rode with happiness. with glee. no-hands for a long time a couple of times. sailing in the breeze. smiling all along. right now, at my age even with all the worries I have with dad and mom and lauren, i can still enjoy the pure freedom and joy of my bike. yeah, i’m 63 years old and I am still riding my bike.

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