wow, what a nice ride

There were lots of dog walkers and kids in trailers, only one very old dog in a trailer, lots of walkers, a squirrel that almost took me out, and the girl with the blue hair. All types of people. Two guys who looked more like they should be sitting or standing next to their pickups, with beer cans in hand, and cig hanging from lips. Riding decent MTBs.

I rode about 16 miles. Had my tunes in my pocket and listened to good stuff. And the most amazing thing to me was that I enjoyed the ride alot. I was faster than i used to be on the mtb, might be due to more air in tires, but the ride was smooth, and comfy. I really have to get a seat for zippy so I can be more comfy. I may even opt for some hi pressure clinchers for it, once i have the bucks. But the MTB was enjoyable.

Next week I am going to do another 20 miler, try to do it on the MTB as it hold more water. Oh yeah, I dumped the camelbak, I really do not like that weight on my shoulders, too much stress on over stressed muscles. I really want to be able to do at least one 30 miler by the end of September, I should be able to accomplish that with no problem. Then it is a 40 miler for October and then I rest. Short rides over the dark months. Ride the indoor bike, see if I can get some rollers rolling, maybe my old ones. and then keep it going and going and going. Do walks too. Yep. I totally had forgotten for so very long how much I loved bike riding. I think the racing changed it for me for too long, and I could not get out of that mode. Now I hear the sounds of the tires, the chain and wind, and it makes me smile. see?

One thought on “wow, what a nice ride

  1. Squirrels can be deadly.

    I’m starting to look into riding for riding’s sake instead of riding as a cool way for short errands. Stay tuned. More to follow, I think.

    I’m so jazzed … love your smile.

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