I rode after work tonight. nice to be able to do this. The snow has melted off for the most part, and the daylight is longer every day. I have had a few rides this month, but with the frigging snowstorms, riding has been hard. I may try for another ride tomorrow if it does not rain. The blwodown/falldown of trees is really much more than I have ever seen. a couple weeks ago there were just two trees blocking the road, and a few branches. When I rode Saturday, those two trees were cleared, but there was so much more damage, cleared though mostly. Trees down, uprooted all over. branches down. limbs and fir littering the road. but it is quiet. The robins have not come in yet. no armies. Saw one the other day at home, but the gangs of pachaug are not yet there. and no peepers yet either. spring is making its way in slowly.

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