yes the streak continues

Got in a ride yesterday. No walking up the rises, so last month was definitely I was not recovered. It’s been raining on weekends, or I have family things to do, or it has been way below my temperature minimum. so this is 3 years now, every month at east one ride. good for me. I had some pain in my elbow and hand, not sure where that came from.

So, my bike choices are (yes I will get a new bike this spring)

  • Surly Straggler 650b
  • Jamis Renegade Expat
  • Kona Rove or Sutra
  • Specialized Sequoia
  • Soma Wolverine built up cheaply

The first two are reviewed as sporty ride, which means quick handling, even with the fats on. I’m used to sporty handling. And I want steel. The Jamis is steel with carbon fork. Might be the best option. They have cheaper ones, but are AL. on a long ride, AL is very tiring. But will I be doing long rides? More than 50miles? maybe. I dunno…

I have to get out to a few shops to see them up front


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